Ritratti di Cicerone - Portraying Cicero

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Ritratti di Cicerone - Portraying Cicero

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 31 octobre 2018

The Department of Ancient World Studies, Sapienza University of Rome (http://www.antichita.uniroma1.it/), and the International Society of Cicero's Friends (SIAC, www.tulliana.eu), with the support of the Cultural Association Italia Fenice (http://www.italiafenice.it/), are pleased to announce the International Conference ‘Portraying Cicero', to be held in Rome from 15th to 17th May 2019.

Cicero has exerted a durable impact on intellectual life throughout the centuries. Universally recognized as a master of Roman prose and the embodiment of the art of words, he has influenced the history of ideas and contributed to the intellectual maturation of generations of students and scholars. Yet his controversial position in Roman politics has elicited different reactions since late Republic. As a historical figure, he has encountered criticism from intellectuals and men of culture. As Zielinski (Cicero imWandel der Jahrundherte) has shown, each age has reacted to Cicero with its own sensibility. This conference aims to explore how Cicero has been represented- and interpreted- over the times. It seeks to shed light on the multiple, often contrasting, ways in which Cicero was received by later scholars and intellectuals. Special attention will be paid then to the reception of Cicero as an individual and man of letters, including his fortune as philosopher, epistolographer, and orator and his presence in literature and culture in modern times.

PhD students and young or early career scholars are invited to submit a proposal (400 words max) on the reception of Cicero as a historical figure and man of letters over the centuries.

Papers should be 20 minutes long (followed by discussion of 5-10 minutes). All the papers will be considered for publication in the peer-reviewedSeries ‘Cicero', edited by the Patrum Lumen SustineFoundation (Basel), under the supervision of the SIAC, and published by De Gruyter (Berlin).

Please send an abstract of no more of 400 words to Giuseppe La Bua (giuseppe.labua[at]uniroma1.it) by the end of October 2018. Notification of acceptance will be sent by the end of November 2018.

Confirmed speakers are: Y. Baraz, F.R. Berno, A. Casamento, R.A. Kaster, T. Keeline, G. La Bua, R. Pierini, F. Prost, Ph.Rousselot, C. Steel, H. van der Blom, J. Zeztel.

The Conference is organized by:
Francesca Romana Berno,
Leopoldo Gamberale,
Giuseppe La Bua,
Ermanno Malaspina,
Emidio Spinelli.


Lieu de la manifestation : Sapienza University of Rome
Organisation : Francesca Romana Berno, Leopoldo Gamberale, Giuseppe La Bua, Ermanno Malaspina, Emidio Spinelli.
Contact : (giuseppe.labua[at]uniroma1.it)



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