Antiqua et Mediaevalia: Call for articles

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Antiqua et Mediaevalia: Call for articles


Antiqua et Mediaevalia is a section of the Anuari de Filologia, the series of journals from the Faculty of Philology of the Universitat de Barcelona.
Since 2011, Antiqua et Mediaevalia started a new era and it is a rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly journal. It draws from a broad spectrum of perspectives and methods, - mainly philological-, offering the widest possible geographical scope and chronological range, from Ancient languages and literatures to the medieval and modern eras. In addition to original research, the journal features book reviews, editorials, and lists of newly published work. Proposals of monographic volumes and dossiers are also wellcome. Contributions can be sent in Catalan, Spanish, French, English and Italian.

For further information see the webpage of the journal or ask the editor, Dr. Alejandra Guzmán Almagro.


Source : Anuari de Filologia. Antiqua et Mediaevalia


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