The texts of the medical profession in antiquity

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Workshop: The texts of the medical profession in antiquity: genres and purposes

University of Oslo, 16th-18th September 2010

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 1er mars 2010


We are inviting the submission of abstracts for papers (duration: 20-30 min.) to be presented at the workshop ”The texts of the medical profession in antiquity: genres and purposes” (16-18/09, 2010 in Oslo, Norway). The papers may deal with any text or group of medical texts from the Graeco-Roman antiquity as long as what is in focus are issues of genre, cross-generic relations and/ or purpose. We are particularly interested in discussions of generic features and classification as well as the purpose of medical texts recovered on papyri. We are also keen on papers exploring the term ”handbook” both within medicine and in comparison with the use of the term for other prose texts.

Please submit your abstract by March 1st, 2010 to:
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Organisers: Isabella Andorlini (University of Parma) ; David Leith (University College London) ; Anastasia Maravela-Solbakk (University of Oslo)

Invited speakers: Heinrich Von Staden (Princeton), Vivian Nutton (UCL), Philip van der Eijk (Newcastle), Laurence Totelin (Cardiff), Rebecca Flemming (Cambridge), Ann Ellis Hanson (Yale).

Source : Zetesis


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