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Voprosy epigrafiki

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 1er septembre 2010


The Voprosy epigrafiki series starts accepting the articles for a new publication of its 5th issue.

The Voprosy epigrafiki series is being published on the regular basis by private Russian University named after Dmitry Pozharsky with the support of the Fund of Assistance to Russian Science since 2006.
The deadline for sending the articles to be published is SEPTEMBER 2010.

The assumed time of publication is 2011.

The article should meet the following requirements:
the volume of the article is unlimited;
the articles from foreign authors are received and published in English, French or German;
the photos or the illustrations to the article are preferable but not obligatory;
the references should be per page (by the page);
the summary of the article, the list of abbreviations and illustrations, short information about the author (degree, academic rank, place of work, area of research interests) should be attached to the article.
Your e-mail address can be also attached in accordance with your wish.

Prof. Alexander Avdeev,
Associate editor
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