Societas Ovidiana at ICMS Kalamazoo 2012

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Societas Ovidiana at ICMS Kalamazoo 2012

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 15 septembre 2011



The Societas Ovidiana invites submission of proposals for its three sponsored sessions at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan from May 10-13, 2012. The panel seeks proposals of 300-500 words with a working title and department affiliation by September 15, 2011. Participants will be contacted regardless of whether or not their proposal has been accepted. All proposals submitted but not accepted will be sent on to the general committee for consideration in one of the general sessions at Kalamazoo. Our three panels are:

“The (Un)Natural World of Ovid”: With this panel we hope to foster a discussion about the role of nature and the natural world, as well as mankind's place in it, as it is presented in Ovid's poetry. Ovid's construction of the cosmos in the Metamorphoses was highly influential on the people who read it, as he depicts man as being involved in a special relationship with the natural world, which at times may become warped, inverted or problematized. In our era, where 'ecology' is becoming a by-word for the times, a discussion in this area may even be considered topical.

“Inspiring Ovid: Fill in the Blank”:Here we have left the door wide open to scholars to focus in on what it is about Ovid that inspires them or inspired others to imitate him and explicate his texts. Or they may use it as a vehicle to talk about Ovid's own relationship with his Muse and how it may have influenced those who followed him.

“Exiled from the Canon: Ovid's Minor and Spurious Works”: We encourage participants explore the influence of works of Ovid that are no longer part of our every day reading or are no longer thought to have been written by him. Despite their current status as outcasts, many of these works were quite important in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: the best evidence of this would be the voluminous commentary tradition on Ovid's Ibis, whose obscure mythological references kept exegetes tied in interpretive knots for centuries, and allowed them an arena to exercise their most imaginative theories. This panel could also include discussions of overt imitations devised to pass themselves off as real Ovidian works, like the 12th century De vetula.

Please make all submissions to:
Gabriel Fuchs
Dept. of Greek and Latin
The Ohio State University

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