Tyrannical Government and the People

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Tyrannical Government and the People

Seventh Celtic Classics Conference (Bordeaux III)

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 15 janvier 2012


A panel to be held at the Seventh Celtic Classics Conference, with, and at, L'Université de Bordeaux III and the Ausonius Institute, Bordeaux, 5th-8th September 2012.

Confirmed speakers include: James McGlew (Rutgers), Ivan Jordovic (University of Novi Sad), Greg Anderson (Ohio State University), Claudia de Oliveira-Gomes (Université François-Rabelais, Tours), Efrem Zambon (Venice).

Cruel oppressors or popular heroes? Distant figureheads or approachable rulers? Exploitative regimes or protectors of the masses? The relationship between tyrannical rulers and the people has been a topic of contention among ancient and modern historians alike. This panel will consider rulers and regimes from archaic Greece to imperial Rome, and across the Mediterranean, to explore the interdependence between tyrannical and autocratic rulers and the people, and the ways in which their interactions influenced political forms and institutions.

Please submit proposals for 40-minute papers, including a title and an abstract of no more than 250 words, by 15th January 2012; submissions from postgraduate students are also welcome. The languages of the conference are English and French, and submissions are invited in either language.

Proposals (and all queries) should be sent to Dr Sian Lewis ( Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. ), School of Classics, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife, United Kingdom, KY16 9AL.


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