Virgil’s Detractors, Grammarians, Commentators And Biographers

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Virgil's Detractors, Grammarians, Commentators And Biographers

The First Fifteen Hundred Years

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 1er février 2012



APA - Seattle 2013 - Organizer: Richard Thomas, Harvard University
Sponsored by the Vergilian Society

The reception of Virgil in subsequent Roman and vernacular European literature, poetry in particular, has received considerable attention in recent years. Now with the publication in 2008 of Ziolkowski and Putnam's compendious volume The Virgilian Tradition. The First Fifteen Hundred Years (New Haven and London), it has become possible to survey the traces of Virgil across a broad range of subliterary genres and traditions, grammatical, rhetorical, biographical, to name the more prominent examples. VT has brought together and given unparalleled access in English to disparate materials of a broad variety, previously scattered and some hard to find. In addition the Virgil section of the Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum has been reorganized, with the intention of bringing this project to completion more quickly, and a new bibliography of early printed editions of Virgil, which will include information on Virgilian commentaries, dictionaries, etc. is about to appear, so will also become a useful tool in this area.

The Vergilian Society would like to sponsor a panel devoted to papers exploring any aspect of this material. Proposals might include, but are not limited to, studies of biographies of Virgil, both classical and post-classical; of commentaries to any of Virgil's works from this time period; of rhetorical and other classroom exercises; and critical attacks on Virgil, including comparisons of his poetry to that of Homer.

Abstracts of 500 to 800 words, suitable for a 15-20 minute presentation, should be sent to by email to Richard Thomas at Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. . Prof. Thomas can also be contacted at the Department of the Classics, Harvard University, 206 Boylston Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138; tel. 617 496-6061. Since all abstracts will be judged anonymously, please do not identify yourself in any way on the abstract page. All proposals must be received by February 1, 2012 and should be sent to Prof. Thomas electronically as email attachments.



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