Res Antiquitatis. Journal of Ancient History

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Res Antiquitatis. Journal of Ancient History

Volume 3

Appel à contributions
Date limite : 30 avril 2012


The Centro de História de Além-Mar (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) is now open to proposals for articles to be published in the third volume of Res Antiquitatis. Journal of Ancient History, forthcoming in the current year of 2012.
All papers will be subject to a peer review process.

The main area of studies about which the articles should be concerned with is Antiquity. Although available to articles on Ancient History studies proper, the Editors are especially looking forward to studies focusing on the interpretation and reception of Ancient History and its traditions in several later periods, such as the Modern Age or the Contemporary Age.
Therefore, specific areas such as the Greco-Roman or the Ancient Near Eastern civilizations may constitute starting points for rich interconnections with the scholarship of other subjects and periods.

All those who wish to respond to this call for papers should consult the guidelines for contributors, as well as the description of the evaluation process HERE.
The deadline for reception of articles is the 30th April 2012.

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