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The Literary Encyclopedia (Co-editor of Latin Literature):

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A senior co-editor of Latin Literature is sought to superintend one-half of the literary portfolio for The Literary Encyclopedia in the area of Latin Literature. The Literary Encyclopedia is an online resource at The Literary Encyclopedia is a collaborative project that has the eventual aim providing literary scholars and students in the English-speaking world with a reliable and comprehensive reference work on all literary and cultural history throughout time and throughout the world.

The new co-editor of Latin Literature for The Literary Encyclopedia would replace Dr Jula Wildberger (American University of Paris) and work in conjunction with William J. Dominik (University of Otago), who has served as an editor or co-editor since 2005. If you interested in serving as a co-editor, please e-mail him at Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. . It is anticipated that the basic portfolio of articles in Latin Literature can be filled out within the next few years, so a prospective co-editor should be willing to serve for at least this period of time.

Expressions of interest from continental European scholars of Classics fluent in English or from scholars of Classics in the UK fluent in a couple of European languages are especially welcome in order to extend further the base of scholarly contributors from continental Europe to The Literary Encyclopedia. There is no need for a formal application, but it would be appreciated if those interested in the position could attach a curriculum vitae to your expression of interest when replying by e-mail.


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