Pagans and Christians in Late antique Rome: Interpreting the Evidence

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Pagans and Christians in Late antique Rome: Interpreting the Evidence

Rome, 20-21 September 2012

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Date limite : 15 avril 2012



Palazzo Falconieri, Accademia dell'Ungheria, Via Giulia 1, Roma
An International Conference with the support of the Accademia dell'Ungheria di Roma Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest

Reading the fourth and fifth century Roman Empire in terms of the interactions of 'pagans' and 'Christians' has provided the leading paradigm for historical and theological discourse from late antiquity until the middle of the twentieth century when András Alföldi presented a Christian Constantine in conflict with a 'pagan' Rome. This conflictual model has met with resistance as subsequent generations of scholars have uncovered new evidence that has led to new interpretive models to better understand the social, cultural and political changes in Rome. Emphases on assimilation, inculturation, and tolerance for multiculturalism have replaced conflict. Even the categories of interpretation - `pagan' and `Christian' – have been called into question as useful heuristic terms.
It is time now for a new assessment of what we know about 'pagans' and `Christians' in late antique Rome. This conference seeks to consider the religious roles, identities and the discourses of power after the battle at the Milvian Bridge opened the way for a new formulation of social and religious life in Rome. We propose to discuss new material and textual evidence for the survival of paganism and the expansion of Christianity in the fourth and fifth century city. New models for interpreting the complex evidences from the city will be considered along with shifting historical paradigms that bear on changing interpretations of fourth-fifth century Rome.
In an effort to facilitate a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary conversation, we encourage scholars working in any discipline – history, archaeology, art history, religious studies, classical studies - to submit abstracts for papers. The organizers are particularly interested in papers that focus on new material evidence, new interpretations of texts or new interpretive paradigms with which to approach the nature of relations between pagans and Christians in fourth and fifth century Rome. The proceedings of the conference will be published.

Participants whose papers are accepted for presentation will be offered accommodation in the Palazzo Falconieri and meals for the duration of the conference. We cannot, however, underwrite travel expenses.

Please send proposals of 400 words for 20-minute papers in English by 15 April 2012 to Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.



Source : Research News in Late Antiquity


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