P. Chrystal, Women in Ancient Rome

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Paul Chrystal, Women in Ancient Rome, Gloucestershire , 2013.

Éditeur : Amberley Publishing
224 pages
ISBN : 9781445608709
£ 20.00

The history of women in ancient Rome is fascinating and exhilarating. It gives a unique insight into one of the world's most dynamic, successful super-power civilisations and, at the same time, illuminates any number of admirable, exciting, evil, slatternly and dangerous women fighting to be heard and seen against insurmountable odds in a world run by men for men.

Silent' is a word that is sometimes used to describe these women, because of the paucity of first-hand evidence from women for their lives; ‘silent' can also be used to describe how the typical Roman male liked his women. Some women though broke that silence and forged an identity of their own in a largely suspicious, paranoid, patronising, critical world.

It is those women whom we meet in this book. Paul Chrystal examines aspects of the Roman woman's lifestyle: her evolving role in the family; the assertive, brave, pernicious and outrageous women in the public arena; we learn about women's education and of artistic, cultured women; we meet women soothsayers, witches and ghosts; we examine the role of women in religion and in the mystery cults; women as health professionals; women's medicine; women's sexuality; women as mistress, prostitute and pimp.

Source : Amberley Publishing


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