S. M.Trzaskoma, R. S. Smith, Writing Myth. Mythography in the Ancient World

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Stephen M.Trzaskoma, R. Scott Smith (éd.), Writing Myth. Mythography in the Ancient World, Leuven, Paris, Walpole (MA), 2013.

Éditeur : Peeters
Collection : Studies in the History and Anthropology of Religion, 4
XXIV-382 pages
ISBN : 978-90-429-2911-1

This collection of essays brings innovative perspectives to the study of ancient mythography, that is, the writings of Greeks and Romans about their own mythical traditions. It treats a range of sources from the beginnings of myth criticism in the 5th century BCE to the end of antiquity in the 5th century CE, highlighting mythography's centrality to ancient views of myth and moving beyond seeing mythographic texts as valuable primarily for the preservation of details about traditional stories. Important individual mythographers are treated (e.g., Ps.-Apollodorus and Hyginus), but throughout there is an emphasis on the connections of mythography with more literary genres, such as epic, and more prestigious prose genres, such as historiography and geography. This makes the volume of interest for those who work on myth in Greek and Roman society, but also for anyone working on ancient intellectual history more broadly, including those who study rhetoric, education, literary composition, art and ancient scholarly traditions.

Notes on Contributors

The Origins and Development of Greek Mythography

1. R.L. FOWLER, Herodotos and the Early Mythographers: The Case of the Kabeiroi
2. K.A. MACFARLANE, Choerilus Mythistoricus?
3. D.W. BERMAN, Greek Thebes in the Early Mythographic Tradition

Hellenistic and Imperial Mythography
4. J.N. BREMMER, Local Mythography: The Pride of Halicarnassus
5. S.M. TRZASKOMA, Citation, Organization and Authorial Presence in Ps.-Apollodorus' Bibliotheca
6. U. KENENS, Text and Transmission of Ps.-Apollodorus' Bibliotheca: Avenues for Future Research
7. M. HUYS,† Traces of Scholarship and Erudition in Greek Mythographic Papyri from the Roman Period
8. K.F.B. FLETCHER, Hyginus' Fabulae: Toward a Roman Mythography
9. R.S. SMITH, Mythographic Material and Method in the So-Called ‘Statius Scholia'

The Mythographic Impulse and Other Genres
10. L.E. PATTERSON, Geographers as Mythographers: The Case of Strabo
11. J. FARRELL, Complementarity and Contradiction in Ovidian Mythography
12. A. CAMERON, Young Achilles in the Roman World
13. C.A. GIBSON, True or False? Greek Myth and Mythography in the Progymnasmata
14. G. HAYS, Fulgentius the Mythographer?

Index of names, subjects and passages

Source : Peeters


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