A. Sarantis, N. Christie, War and Warfare in Late Antiquity. Current Perspectives

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Alexander Sarantis, Neil Christie (éd.), War and Warfare in Late Antiquity. Current Perspectives, Leiden, Boston, 2013.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Late Antique Archaeology 8
(2 vols.) 1120 pages
ISBN : 9789004252578

This two-volume publication explores the key factors determining the course and outcome of war in Late Antiquity. Volume 8.1 includes a detailed review of strategic and tactical issues and eight comprehensive bibliographic essays, which provide an overview of the literature. In Volume 8.2, thematic papers examine strategy and intelligence, fortifications and siege warfare, weaponry and equipment, literary sources and topography, and civil war, while papers focused on particular geographic regions home in on war and warfare in the West Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries, and the Balkans and the Eastern frontier in the 4th to 7th centuries AD.

Alexander Sarantis, D.Phil (2006), University of Oxford, is Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre for Late Antique Archaeology and Associate Lecturer at the Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies, University of Kent. He has authored articles on the Gepids, the Heruls and A.H.M. Jones. His forthcoming monograph looks at The Balkans during the Reign of Justinian.
Neil Christie, Ph.D. (1985), University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, is Reader in Archaeology at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, UK. He is the author of various works on Late Roman and Early Medieval Italy, a recent monograph on The Fall of the Western Roman Empire, and editor and co-editor to works on late antique towns and landscapes.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements ... ix
List of Contributors ... xi

Foreword ... xvii
Alexander Sarantis and Neil Christie
Waging War in Late Antiquity ... 1
Alexander Sarantis

Bibliographic Essays

War in Late Antiquity: Secondary Works, Literary Sources and Material Evidence ... 101
Conor Whately
Military Equipment and Weaponry: A Bibliographic Essay ... 153
Alexander Sarantis
Tactics: A Bibliographic Essay ... 177
Alexander Sarantis
Organisation and Life in the Late Roman Military: A Bibliographic Essay ... 209
Conor Whately
Strategy, Diplomacy and Frontiers: A Bibliographic Essay ... 239
Conor Whately
Fortifications in the West: A Bibliographic Essay ... 255
Alexander Sarantis with Neil Christie
Fortifications in Africa: A Bibliography Essay ... 297
Alexander Sarantis
Fortifications in the East: A Bibliographic Essay ... 317
Alexander Sarantis


Strategy and Intelligence

Information and War: Some Comments on Defensive Strategy and Information in the Middle Byzantine Period (ca. A.D. 660–1025) ... 373
John Haldon

Fortifications and Siege Warfare

Fortifications and the Late Roman East: From Urban Walls to Long Walls ... 397
James Crow
Siege Warfare and Counter-Siege Tactics in Late Antiquity (ca. 250–640) ... 433
Michael Whitby

Weaponry and Equipment

Late Roman Military Equipment Culture ... 463
J. C. N. Coulston
Barbarian Military Equipment and its Evolution in the Late Roman and Great Migration Periods (3rd–5th c. A.D.) ... 493
Michel Kazanski
Recreating the Late Roman Army ... 523
John Conyard

Literary Sources and Topography

Reporting Battles and Understanding Campaigns in Procopius and Agathias: Classicising Historians' Use of Archived Documents as Sources ... 571
Ian Colvin
Procopius on the Struggle for Dara in 530 and Rome in 537–38: Reconciling Texts and Landscapes ... 599
Christopher Lillington-Martin
Ammianus Marcellinus and the Nisibene Handover of A.D. 363 ... 631
Susannah Belcher

The West

Imperial Campaigns between Diocletian and Honorius, A.D. 284–423: the Rhine Frontier and the Western Provinces ... 655
Hugh Elton
The Archaeology of War and the 5th c. ‘Invasions' ... 683
Michael Kulikowski
Controlling the Pyrenees: a Macaque's Burial from Late Antique Iulia Libica (Llivia, La Cerdanya, Spain) ... 703
Oriol Olesti, Jordi Guàrdia, Marta Maragall, Oriol Mercadal, Jordi Galbany and Jordi Nadal

The Balkans

The Archaeology of War: Homeland Security in the South-West Balkans (3rd–6th c. A.D.) ... 735
John Wilkes
Military Encounters and Diplomatic Affairs in the North Balkans during the Reigns of Anastasius and Justinian ... 759
Alexander Sarantis
Horsemen in Forts or Peasants in Villages? Remarks on the Archaeology of Warfare in the 6th to 7th c. Balkans ... 809
Florin Curta

The East

Military Infrastructure in the Roman Provinces North and South of the Armenian Taurus in Late Antiquity ... 853
James Howard-Johnston
El-Lejjūn: Logistics and Localisation on Rome's Eastern Frontier in the 6th c. A.D. ... 893
Conor Whately

Civil War

Wars within the Frontiers: Archaeologies of Rebellion, Revolt and.Civil War ... 927
Neil Christie
The Justinianic Reconquest of Italy: Imperial Campaigns and Local Responses ... 969
Maria Kouroumali

Abstracts in French ... 1001
Index ... 1009
Series Information ... 1085


Source : Brill


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