A. Cain, Jerome and the Monastic Clergy

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Andrew Cain, Jerome and the Monastic Clergy. A Commentary on Letter 52 to Nepotian, with Introduction, Text, and Translation, Leyde-Boston, 2013.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Supplements to Vigiliae christianae, 119
xiii-326 pages
ISBN : 978-90-04-23706-3
101 €

In Jerome and the Monastic Clergy, Andrew Cain provides the first full-scale commentary on the famous Letter to Nepotian, in which Jerome articulates his radical plan for imposing a strict ascetic code of conduct on the contemporary clergy. Cain comprehensively addresses stylistic, literary, historical, text-critical and other issues of interpretive interest. Accompanying the commentary is an introduction which situates the Letter in the broader context of its author's life and work and exposes its fundamental propagandistic dimensions. The revised critical Latin text and the new facing-page translation will make the Letter more accessible than ever before and will provide a reliable textual apparatus for future scholarship on this key writing by one of the most prolific authors in Latin antiquity.

Source : Brill


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