P. J. Rose, A Commentary on Augustine's De cura pro mortuis gerenda

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Paula J. Rose, A Commentary on Augustine's De cura pro mortuis gerenda. Rhetoric in Practice, Leyde-Boston, 2013.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Amsterdam studies in classical philology, 20
XXI-622 pages
ISBN : 978-90-04-22822-1
202 €

In De cura pro mortuis gerenda Augustine interweaves an assessment of burial near the memorial of a martyr with a series of dream narratives. The seeming lack of coherence between argument and narrative in this treatise has puzzled many scholars. Combining an analysis of the overall structure of the argument and a detailed philological commentary, this study shows that Augustine's text forms a well-composed unity. The study is based on discourse-linguistic and narratological concepts as well as an analysis of the global structure of the narratives. Relying on this combined approach Rose demonstrates how Augustine explores the full breadth of his narrative material in the service of his argument. In addition, this book situates Augustine's text in its cultural-historical context.

Table of contents
Preliminary remarks
General Introduction
1. Epistolary friendship
2. Death, burial and the hereafter in Augustine's works
3. The structure of De cura pro mortuis gerenda
What is the usefulness of burial ad sanctos?
Worst-case scenario: no burial at all
Burial ad sanctos: interaction between place and prayer
Attachment to the body versus care for the soul
What about a request for burial in a dream?
Augustinus narrator: dreaming of the deceased
Present angels, absent deceased
Asking an expert: John of Lycopolis
Burial ad sanctos: an incentive for recommending the deceased
Index of Latin words

Biographical note
Paula J. Rose wrote her dissertation on Augustine's De cura pro mortuis gerenda at the VU University of Amsterdam. She is a teacher of Classics at Sint Bonifatius College in Utrecht.

Source : Brill


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