J. E. Rutherford (éd.), The beauty of God's presence in the Fathers of the Church

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Janet Elaine Rutherford (éd.), The beauty of God's presence in the Fathers of the Church. The proceedings of the eighth International Patristic Conference, Maynooth, 2012, Dublin, 2014.

Éditeur : Four Courts Press
288 pages
ISBN : 978-1-84682-529-3
55 €

This book, the proceedings of the eighth international patristic conference of St Patrick's College Maynooth, contains fifteen essays by Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican scholars from Russia, Finland, Greece, Poland, Spain, Wales and Ireland, on every aspect of divine beauty. God is Beauty, and thus the source of all beauty. The volume considers the beauty of Christ as the image of the Father, the beauty of human beings who are made in that image, and the beauty of Christ-like lives. The essays span Christian history, from the Bible to the present day, demonstrating once again the enduring relevance of the Church Fathers in every generation.


Janet Elaine Rutherford

The pearl of great beauty and the mysteries of faith
Finbarr G. Clancy SJ

The ugly sisters? Female asceticism and the theology of creation
Juliette Day

The beauty of martyrdom: the presence of God in the martyrs in the writings of Tertullian and Cyprian
Marcin Wysocki

‘The light of your face was printed on us': prayer as sacrament in the Alexandrian tradition
Janet Elaine Rutherford

Early Jewish and Patristic readers of the Song of Songs
Breandan McConvery CSsR

The beauty of divine intellect in Plotinus
Andrew Smith

Beauty and the presence of God in the soul: Gregory of Nyssa's commentary on Song of Songs 5:2
Miguel Brugarolas

St Gregory of Nyssa on the transformation of physical elements – in nature and the holy eucharistic gifts
Kirill Zinkovskiy

The presence of God in the interpretation of the Psalms by Cyril of Alexandria
Eirini Artemi

St John and the bosom of the Lord in Patristic and Insular tradition
Susan Cremin

Maximus Confessor and Aisthesis Noera
Nicholas Madden OCD

Maximus embellished? The poetry of Johannes Scottus Eriugena
Catherine Kavanagh

The Seventh Ecumenical Council, the Council of Frankfurt, and the practice of painting
Peter Brooke

The beauty of the light of God in St Symeon the New Theologian
Karoliina Maria Schauman

The theology of beauty in the context of the theology of the person
Methody Zinkovskiy

Source : Four Courts Press


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