M. Frassetto, M. Gabriele et J. D. Hosler (éd.), Where Heaven and Earth Meet. Essays on Medieval Europe in Honor of D. F. Callahan

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Michael Frassetto, Matthew Gabriele et John D. Hosler (éd.), Where Heaven and Earth Meet. Essays on Medieval Europe in Honor of Daniel F. Callahan, Leyde, 2014.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Studies in the history of Christian traditions, 174
246 pages
ISBN : 978-90-04-27414-3
114 €

Where Heaven and Earth Meet is a Festschrift in honor of Daniel F. Callahan, Professor of History at the University of Delaware. It is an interdisciplinary collection that celebrates and advances research in his principal scholarly interests. One central focus is on the writings of Ademar of Chabannes and what they reveal about heresy, music, warfare, and the Peace of God in the early Middle Ages. Another is on Western religious history (ecclesiastical houses, hagiography, and papal writings), and the collection is rounded out by studies of early Islamic Jerusalem as well as Arabic numismatics. Contributing authors include Professor Callahan's former classmates, graduate students, colleagues and admirers of his research. The collection will be of interest to researchers in art history, history, musicology, and religion.

Table of contents

Matthew Gabriele, Virginia Tech

Part 1 – Temporal Concerns

Chapter 1: “Gregory the Great's Gout: Suffering, Penitence, and Diplomacy in the Early Middle Ages”
John Hosler, Morgan State University

Chapter 2: “The Missing Mancus and the Early Medieval Economy”
Richard Ring, University of Kansas

Chapter 3: “Ademar of Chabannes as a Military Historian”
Bernard Bachrach, University of Minnesota

Chapter 4: “The 'Renaissance' vs. the Medieval Papacy: The Cases of Popes Nicholas V (1447-55) and Pius II (1458-62)”
Lawrence Duggan, University of Delaware

Part 2 – Spiritual Concerns

Chapter 5: “Insular Latin Sources, ‘Arculf,' and ‘Islamic Jerusalem'”
Lawrence Nees, University of Delaware

Chapter 6: “Customs Confirmed by Reason and Authority': The Function and Status of Houses of Canons in Tenth-Century Aquitaine”
Anna Trumbore Jones, Lake Forest University

Chapter 7: “Ademar of Chabannes and the Peace of God”
Michael Frassetto, University of Delaware

Chapter 8: “The Liturgy, Its Music, and Their Power to Persuade”
James Grier, University of Western Ontario

Chapter 9: “Female Religious as Collectors of Relics: Finding Sacrality and Power in the “Ordinary””
Jane Schulenberg, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Chapter 10: “Heresy and the Antichrist in the Writings of Ademar of Chabannes'”
Daniel F. Callahan, University of Delaware



Source : Brill


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