A. Walter, Erzählen und Gesang im flavischen Epos

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Anke Walter, Erzählen und Gesang im flavischen Epos, Berlin, 2014.

Éditeur : De Gruyter
Collection : Göttinger Forum für Altertumswissenschaft. Beihefte N. F. 5
XI-393 pages
ISBN : 978-3-11-033620-7
109,95 €

The three Flavian poets, Valerius Flaccus, Statius, and Silius Italicus, held different views on the form and function of epic storytelling. This study shows which personae perform the role of storyteller in their works and how these interact with the narrated world and are mirrored by the singers and prophetic characters in the narrative.

Source : De Gruyter


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