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The Master and His Female Disciples. Women, Gender and Authority in Jerome
24.10.2019 - 25.10.2019 
Nadbiskupija pastorali institut - Zagreb
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The Master and His Female Disciples. Women, Gender and Authority in Jerome: New Perspectives

Thursday, 24 October 2019

14.30-14.45 Opening Conference / Welcome Address

14.45 Barbara Feichtinger: How to Make a Saint? Jerome, Women and Writing

15.10 Delphine Viellard: Female Dedicators' Authority in the Prefaces of Jerome's Commentaries (Isaiah and Ezekiel)

15.35 Benoît Jeanjean: Why Does Jerome Not Advise Demetrias to Take Care of Pelagius' Teaching in His Letter 130?

16.00 Alfons Fürst: Christian Women as exempla in Jerome's Letters of Consolation


Coffee Break

17.00 Silvio Košćak: Mother Jerusalem, Mother Church: Elements of Ecclesiology in St. Jerome

17.25 Andrea Filić: The Role of Mother according to Jerome's Epistles. A Testimony of the Past and a Guidepost for Contemporaneity

17.50 Paul Mattei: Vna omnibus disciplina praeest (Mon. 10,7). The Signification of a Tertullian's sententia and its Fortune in Jerome

18.15 Vanda Kraft Soić: “The True Widows”: Christ's Brides. The Widowhood according to Jerome's Epistolary


20.00 Dinner

Champagne Reception

Friday, 25 October 2019

9.00 Ivan Bodrožić: Maria virgo Mater et Mater virginum: Mary as the Model for Christian Women

9.25 Régis Courtray: Defending the Virginity of Mary: Jerome's Adversus Helvidium

9.50 Roberta Franchi: Women between Heresy and Orthodoxy: Their Implications according to Jerome

Coffe Break

10.45 Bazyli Degórski: The Typology of Women in the Vitae Eremitarum of St. Jerome

11.10 Christa Gray: “I Marvelled at the Woman's Virtue”: Gender, Plot, and Agency in Jerome's Vitae Sanctorum

11.35 Luciana Mirri: Saint Jerome and the Woman: Sin and Holiness, Prejudice and Admiration

12.00 Paola Moretti: The Rhetoric of Jerome's Letters to Women. Construction of the Self and Construction of the (Female) Other


Closing Conference

13.30 Lunch

16.00 Sightseeing Tour of Zagreb
19.30 Dinner

Lieu de la manifestation : Nadbiskupija pastorali institut - Zagrebačka Nadbiskupija Kaptol 29a, 10000 Zagreb
Organisation : Prof. Ivan Bodrožić – Dr. Roberta Franchi
Contact : ivan.bodrozic[at]


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