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What Did Deacons Do?
24.02.2021 - 26.02.2021 
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What Did Deacons Do?


Since 2014 the School of Theology (University of Eastern Finland) regularly organises international and ecumenical research conferences on deacons and diaconia.
It lead to international collaboration, led and inspired by dr. Edwina Murphy (Morning College, Sydney), dr. Esko Ryökäs (University of Eastern Finland) and prof. dr. Bart J. Koet (Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, TST) , in association with dr. Arnold Smeets (TST).
The proceedings of the last conference are published in Deacons and Diakonia in Early Christianity: the First Two Centuries edited by Bart J. Koet, Esko Ryökäs, Edwina Murphy (Tübingen, 2018).

In 2022 a second volume on deacons and diakonia in Early Christianity will be published. That is the reason the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology is facilitating a series of zoom-seminars on "What did deacons do?" in February. In May 2021 another series will be organized.

24 February, 4-5 PM (GMT+1)
Chair: dr. Nienke Vos, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
* Why Ask what Deacons Did? Dr. Arnold Smeets, TST
* The Liminal Nature of the Diaconal Role in the Didascalia Apostolorum. Phoebe Kearns MA, University of Winchester

25 February, 4-5 PM (GMT+1)
Chair: prof. dr. Bart J. Koet, TST
Deacons in the Testament of Our Lord. The State of the Question and Avenues for Future Research. Grant White MA, Sankt Ignatios College, Stockholm School of Theology

26 February, 4-5 PM (GMT+1)
Chair: prof. dr. Paul van Geest, TST
Deacons in the Writings of Gregory Nazianzen. Prof.dr. Brian J. Matz, Fontbonne University (U.S.A.)

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Lieu de la manifestation : Zoom
Organisation : Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Contact : a.a.m.smeets[at]

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