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Justice Carved into the Body: Maiming Corporal Punishments in the Pre-Modern World
22.09.2021 - 24.09.2021 
Universität Potsdam - Potsdam
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Justice Carved into the Body

Maiming Corporal Punishments in the Pre-Modern World

22. – 24.09.2021 | In presence and online | Room

Wednesday 22.09.21
Section 1: Maiming Corporal Punishments in Different Penal Systems
14:30 Michela Piccin, “Different Forms of Corporal Punishment in Mesopotamia”
15:15 Marc Tipold, “Corporal Punishment in the Sasanian Empire”
16:30 Nunzia Donadio, “Death Penalty, Torture and Corporal Punishment in Ciceronian Oratory”
17:15 Nicole Marafioti, “Awaiting God‘s Judgment: Mutilation and the Ordeal in pre-Conquest England” [ONLINE]

Thursday 23.09.21
Section 2: Maiming the King, Maiming the Priest – Corporal Punishments for the Upper Echelons
09:30 Christian Rollinger, “A Wave of Mutilation: Facial Amputation as Punishment in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Empire”
10:15 Karl Heiner Dahm, “‘Off with his Hand!' - Maiming Bishops during the Donatist Controversy (and beyond?)”
11:30 Christine Kleinjung, “Mutilated Popes and Blinded Bishops in the Medieval West (8th-10th Century): Bodies, Wounds and Clerical Office”
Section 3: Honor, Shame and Mutilation
14:00 Kelly L. Wrenhaven, “Corporal Punishment and the Judicial Torture of Slaves in Ancient Greece”
14:45 Marcus Folch, “Shame, Violence, and the Prisoner‘s Body in Democratic Athens”
16:00 Loretana de Libero, “Cedo alteram. Corporal and Shame Punishment in the Roman Army”
16:45 Filippo Carlà-Uhink, “Castration as Punishment in Ancient Rome”

Friday 24.09.2021
Section 4: After Punishment: Interpretation, Exclusion, Re-Integration
09:00 Irene Berti, “Disabled Bodies and Divine Punishment in the Greek World”
09:45 Irene Salvo, “Corporal Punishments in Ancient Magic: Notes on Texts, Iconographies, and Ethnography”
11:00 Dionysios Stathakopoulos, “Sodomy in Hell. Punishments in Late Byzantine Frescoes” [ONLINE]
11:45 Giulia Morosini, “Insignia bellicae virtutis: The Cultural Interpretation of Scars Among the Renaissance Italian condottieri”

Interested guests are welcome!
Guests need to register until 19.09.2021 for attendance both online and in presence. E-Mail: sekretariat-altertum[at]

Lieu de la manifestation : Potsdam Universität, am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam
Organisation : Prof. Dr. Filippo Carlà-Uhink
Contact : sekretariat-altertum[at]


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