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CAMWS 104th Annual Meeting
16.04.2008 - 19.04.2008 08.15 h - 17.30 h
University of Arizona - Tucson (AZ)
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Information proposée par Jacques Elfassi

Classical Association of the Middle West and South
104th Annual Meeting, April 16-19, 2008
Tucson, Arizona

La CAMWS tiendra son 104e Congrès Annuel à Tucson (AZ, Etats-Unis).



GSIC Workshop (3:30-7:30 p.m.): Disce ut Doceas: Preparing to be a TA in Latin - Mark A. Thorne (University of Iowa), Polyxeni Strolonga (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Sharada Price (University of Iowa), presiding


Session 1

   1. Greek Historiography 1 - Victoria E. Pagán (University of Florida), presiding
   2. Roman Life - James V. Lowe (John Burroughs School), presiding
   3. Roman Studies - James S. Ruebel (Ball State University), presiding
   4. Pedagogy in Classics - Dawn LaFon (White Station High School), presiding
   5. Lucretius - David F. Bright (Emory University), presiding
   6. Greek Philosophy - Mark F. Williams (Calvin College), presiding

Session 2

   1. Greek Historiography 2 - Stewart G. Flory (Gustavus Adolphus College), presiding
   2. Petronius and Apuleius - Christopher J. Nappa (University of Minnesota), presiding
   3. Panel: Rediscovering Homer: Capturing the Venetus A Manuscript of the Iliad - Casey L. Dué (University of Houston), presiding
   4. Archaeology 1 - Eleni Hasaki (University of Arizona), presiding
   5. Ovid 1 - Samuel J. Huskey (University of Oklahoma), presiding
   6. Plato - Stephen C. Fineberg (Knox College), presiding

Session 3

   1. Greek History 1 - Steven Johnstone (University of Arizona), presiding
   2. Panel: Petronius’ Satyrica: Readings, Rationales, Reception - Marsha B. McCoy (Austin College), presiding
   3. Reception Studies 1 - Brent M. Froberg (Baylor University), presiding
   4. Greek Epic 1 - T. Davina McClain (Louisiana Scholars' College, Northwestern State University), presiding
   5. Catullus - Ellen Greene (University of Oklahoma), presiding
   6. Panel: ΔΕΙΝΑΙ ΜΗΧΑΝΑΙ: Tricks for Teaching Greek - Wilfred E. Major (Louisiana State University), presiding

Session 4

   1. Greek History 2 - John F. Bauschatz (University of Arizona), presiding
   2. Greek Epic 2 - Ward W. Briggs (University of South Carolina), presiding
   3. Latin Poetry - Robert W. Ulery, Jr. (Wake Forest University), presiding
   4. Trajan's Column Meets the Classroom: Pedagogical Applications of the 2006 NEH Summer Seminar - Linda M. Gigante (University of Louisville), presiding
   5. Latin Epic - John C. Gruber-Miller (Cornell College), presiding
   6. Panel: Disce Latinam! Creating the Next College Level Introductory Latin Course - Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and Thomas J. Sienkewicz (Monmouth College), presiding

Session 5

   1. Vergilian Society Reception (6:30-7:30), followed by VS Executive Board meeting
   2. SALVI Promulsides Latinae: Conversational Latin (6:30-7:30); SORGLL Latin/Greek Oral Reading Workshop, 9-10 p.m.
   3. Panel: Quid Novi? What’s New in AP Latin? What’s Enduring? - Mary L. B. Pendergraft (Wake Forest University), presiding
   4. VP Dinner (6:30-7:30)
   5. Panel (GSIC): Welcome to the Circus: Balancing the Workload and “Real Life” Throughout Your Career - Mark A. Thorne (University of Iowa), presiding


Session 6

   1. Latin Satire - Cynthia White (University of Arizona), presiding
   2. Roman Religion - Carin M. Green (University of Iowa), presiding
   3. Greek Novel - Edmund P. Cueva (Xavier University), presiding
   4. Latin Paedagogy - Terence D. Tunberg (University of Kentucky), presiding
   5. Cicero 1 - Susan D. Martin (University of Tennessee), presiding
   6. Greek Studies - Kathryn A. Thomas (Creighton University), presiding

Session 7

   1. Greek Poetry - Jon S. Bruss (University of Kansas), presiding
   2. Roman History 1 - John F. Hall (Brigham Young University), presiding
   3. Classics in Film - Alena A. Allen (Cathedral High School, Oceanside, CA), presiding
   4. Archaeology 2 - Liane Houghtalin (University of Mary Washington), presiding
   5. Cicero 2 - James M. May (St. Olaf College), presiding
   6. Greek Comedy - S. Douglas Olson (University of Minnesota), presiding

Session 8

   1. Panel: The Influence of Republican Drama - Christopher V. Trinacty (Amherst College), presiding
   2. Propertius - Antonios C. Augoustakis (Baylor University), presiding
   3. Epigraphy and Papyrology - Judith A. Evans-Grubbs (Washington University), presiding
   4. Panel: Classics and the American Western: Making Film, History, and Myth - Part I: Tantae molis erat: Frontiers and Foundations - Martin M. Winkler (George Mason University), presiding
   5. Cicero 3 - Robert W. Cape, Jr. (Austin College), presiding
   6. Panel (CPL): Periti/ae Utriusque Modi: Two Methods, One Professon - Carin M. Green (University of Iowa), presiding

Session 9

   1. Panel (Vergilian Society): Vergil's Goddesses and Heroines: Authenticating the Early Goddesses and Establishing the Roman Common Identity - Steven L. Tuck (Miami University), presiding
   2. Roman Comedy - Lora L. Holland (University of North Carolina, Asheville), presiding
   3. Greek Religion - Carl A. Anderson (Michigan State University), presiding
   4. Panel: Classics and the American Western: Making Film, History, and Myth - Part II: Kleos Aphthiton: Frontiers Extended - Monica S. Cyrino (University of New Mexico), presiding
   5. Roman Historiography - Herbert W. Benario (Emory University), presiding
   6. Panel: Six Foreign Classicists: Teaching Challenges and Successful Strategies - Gonda Van Steen (University of Arizona), presiding


Session 10

   1. Ovid 2 - John F. Miller (University of Virginia), presiding
   2. Euripides - Ted A. Tarkow (University of Missouri, Columbia), presiding
   3. Greek History 3 - Nancy Sultan (Illinois Wesleyan University), presiding
   4. Archaeology 3 - Sean O'Neill (Randolph-Macon College, presiding
   5. Iliad - Amy E. K. Vail (Baylor University), presiding
   6. Panel: Ausus es unus Italorum: Cornelius Nepos Reconsidered - Rex S. Stem (University of California, Davis) and John H. Starks, Jr. (State University of New York. Binghamton), presiding

Session 11

   1. Horace - Helena Dettmer (University of Iowa), presiding
   2. Greek Oratory 1 - Craig A. Gibson (University of Iowa), presiding
   3. Roman History 2 - Alison Futrell (University of Arizona), presiding
   4. Panel: The Living Latin Movement in the 21st Century - Gina M. Soter (University of Michigan), presiding
   5. Greek Epic 2 - Timothy F. Winters (Austin Peay State University), presiding
   6. Greek Epinician Poetry - Thomas K. Hubbard (University of Texas), presiding

Session 12

   1. Virgil - Marilyn B. Skinner (University of Arizona), presiding
   2. Greek Oratory 2 - Michael Gagarin (University of Texas, Austin), presiding
   3. Reception Studies 2 - Doug Freeble (University of Arizona), presiding
   4. Panel: Harnessing Technology for Independent Learning and Close Reading - Deborah P. Ross (University of Michigan), presiding
   5. Lucan - Seán M. Easton (Gustavus Adolphus College), presiding
   6. Greek Tragedy - Bella Vivante (University of Arizona), presiding

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