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Classics Sixth Form Conference
09.05.2008 10.30 h - 16.15 h
Université de Cambridge - Cambridge
Colloques, journées d'études


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Friday, 9 May 2008


10.30 am
Refreshments, Lady Mitchell Hall

11.30 am
Plenary Lecture, Classics at Oxbridge (+ questions and answers)
Dr Caroline Vout and Dr Scott Scullion
Lady Mitchell Hall and Little Hall

12.30 - 2.15 pm L U N C H

All students and teachers will be allocated lunch in one of the colleges

2.15 - 4.15 pm
Afternoon Session

Lectures (alternative sessions)

2.15 - 2.45 pm
G19 [Faculty of Classics]
Dr Rupert Thompson
Reading Linear B: New Tablets from Thebes

Lady Mitchell Hall
Prof. Simon Goldhill
Greek Tragedy: why did the Athenians like to stage mothers killing children, children killing parents (and all that jazz)?

Little Hall
Dr Paul Millett
Adultery in Athens

3.00 - 3.30 pm
G19 [Faculty of Classics]
Dr Emily Gowers
Roman Satire

Lady Mitchell Hall
Dr Nigel Spivey
Pompeii: Frozen Bodies and Still Lives

Little Hall
Dr Nicholas Denyer
Why doesn’t the earth fall ?

Cast Gallery Tours and Artifact Handling Sessions
2.15 - 3.45 pm
Cast Gallery Tours with Museum Education Officer, Jacqui Strawbridge
Starting at 2.15 pm and leaving every 15 minutes, join a guided tour of our unique Cast Gallery and have a journey through Classical images. 15 people per tour: turn up on the grass outside the main door of the Faculty (if dry) and in the Foyer (if wet). Tour guide will take the first 15.

Artifact Handling Sessions with Dr Laura Preston
Would you like to touch a real piece of the past? Find out what it can tell us? Join an artifact handling session. There will be concurrent sessions, running at 2.15, 2.45, 3.15 etc. Meet on the grass outside the door to Entrance 3 (or inside the Entrance 3 door if wet); 15 people per session, first come, first served.

III Stalls
2.15 - 4.15 pm
Get your questions answered. Meet real students, real Directors of Studies, Admissions tutors etc and find out how friendly we are … that we haven't got two heads …

Room G.22 [Faculty, Ground Floor, Entrance 3]
Teachers (Cambridge and Oxford)
[tea, biscuits and questions]

Room 1.10 [Faculty, First Floor, Entrance 2]Student life (Cambridge)

Room 1.11 [Faculty, First Floor, Entrance 2]Starting Latin and Greek:
the 4 year degree (Cambridge)

Room G21 [Faculty, Ground Floor, Entrance 3]Courses/Colleges/Directors of Studies(Oxford)

Room 2.03 [Faculty, Second Floor, Entrance 2]Starting Latin and Greek: course II(Oxford)

Room 1.02 [Faculty, First Floor, Entrance 1]Courses/Colleges/Directors of Studies (Cammbridge)

Room 1.16 [Faculty, First Floor, Entrance 3]Student life (Oxford)


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