Anja Holtmeier, The satiric techniques of Sextus Amarcius

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Anja Holtmeier, The satiric techniques of Sextus Amarcius, Rahden, 2011.

Éditeur : VML Verlag Marie Leidorf
Collection : Litora Classica 5
483 pages
ISBN : 978-3-86757-475-4
39,80 €

The study consists of three parts, a translation of the Sermones, probably written by the clerical poet Sextus Amarcius in 11th century Speyer, a recapitulation of its reasoning in an abbreviated form and an interpretation of the work as a satire. As is typical for satires, the Sermones are a many-faceted opus consisting of four books and framed up by a dedication letter and a closing prayer. They combine the usual elements of disapproval, instruction and profit with a remarkable mildness characteristic of Amarcius. What is also typical is his attitude that the reader must not just consume but has to reflect, in order to understand the work and to benefit from it. By means of examples Amarcius illustrates the effects of right and wrong behaviour from a Christian point of view. An interesting element of Amarcius' technique is to interrupt the merely narrative part by involving the recipients and entering into dialogues with fictive Christian or Jewish interlocutors, in which the focus is on persuasion rather than on polemics. Amarcius particularly distinguishes himself by his skilful and regardful handling of literary examples from Latin biblical and non-biblical literature.

Source : VML


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