T. Gueue, Juvenal and the Poetics of Anonymity

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Tom Gueue, Juvenal and the Poetics of Anonymity, Cambridge, 2017.

Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9781108416344
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The satirist Juvenal remains one of antiquity's greatest question marks. His Satires entered the mainstream of the classical tradition with nothing more than an uncertain name and a dubious biography to recommend them. Tom Geue argues that the missing author figure is no mere casualty of time's passage, but a startling, concerted effect of the Satires themselves. Scribbling dangerous social critique under a historical maximum of paranoia, Juvenal harnessed this dark energy by wiping all traces of himself - signature, body, biographical snippets, social connections - from his reticent texts. This last major ambassador of a once self-betraying genre took a radical leap into the anonymous. Juvenal and the Poetics of Anonymity tracks this mystifying self-concealment over the whole Juvenalian corpus. Through probing close readings, it shows how important the missing author was to this satire, and how that absence echoes and amplifies the neurotic politics of writing under surveillance.

1. Introduction: meet anon
2. Anonymity programmed
3. The anatomy of anonymity: bodies and names
4. Shrinking, slinking and sinking
5. Consolation, isolation, indigestion
Conclusion: the anonymity of satire
General index
Index locorum.



Source : Cambridge University Press