W. Keulen, U. Egelhaaf-Gaiser, Apuleius Madaurensis Metamorphoses, Book XI

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William Keulen, Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser (éd.), Apuleius Madaurensis Metamorphoses, Book XIText, Introduction and Commentary, Leiden, Boston, 2014.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Apuleius Madaurensis
viii, 681 pages
ISBN : 9789004269200


Commentary written by W. Keulen, S. Tilg, L. Nicolini, L. Graverini, S. Harrison, S. Panayotakis and D. van Mal-Maeder. Appendices written by F. Drews, W.S. Smith and U. Egelhaaf-Gaiser.
Final editors: W. Keulen and U. Egelhaaf-Gaiser

After more than three decades since the publication of Gwyn Griffiths' 1975 commentary, which concentrated mainly on Egyptological aspects and represents an outdated, positivistic approach to the literary evidence on Isis, this new commentary presents a new and thorough assessment of Apuleius' Isis Book, elucidating and interpreting the narrative in its literary, religious, archaeological and cultural context. Reflecting the recent innovative approach to the interaction of literature and religion (Literarisierung von Religion) and the important developments in the research on the Second Sophistic (e.g. ‘Self-fashioning'; Cultural Identity), the volume offers a new, detailed interpretation of the Isis Book in the easy-to-use form of a fully-fledged commentary, including Latin Text and monographic Introduction.

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G. Cupaiuolo, Bollettino di studi latini 45,2015,fasc. 1

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Giovanni Cupaiuolo (dir.), Bollettino di studi latini 45,2015,fasc. 1, Napoli - Catania, 2015.

Éditeur : Paolo Loffredo-Iniziative Editoriali- Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.
432 pages
ISBN : 0006-6583

Periodico semestrale d'informazione bibliografica
fondato da Fabio Cupaiuolo

Direttore responsabile: G. CUPAIUOLO; Condirettore: V. VIPARELLI
Anno XLV - fascicolo I – Gennaio - Giugno 2015

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Classical Receptions Journal – Volume 7 Issue 2

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Classical Receptions Journal – Volume 7 Issue 2


Classical Receptions Journal covers all aspects of the reception of the texts and material culture of ancient Greece and Rome from antiquity to the present day. It aims to explore the relationships between transmission, interpretation, translation, transplantation, rewriting, redesigning and rethinking of Greek and Roman material in other contexts and cultures. It addresses the implications both for the receiving contexts and for the ancient, and compares different types of linguistic, textual and ideological interactions.

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Responding to Ovid's Pygmalion episode and receptions of same-sex love in Classical antiquity: art, homosexuality, and the Curatorship of Classical culture in E. M. Forster's ‘The Classical Annex'
by Jennifer Ingleheart

Kipling's Rome in Puck Of Pook's Hill
by Eric Adler

Performance Reception and the Cambridge Greek Play: Aristophanes' Frogs in 1936 and 1947
by C. W. Marshall

‘Translation' and Transformation: Alice Oswald's Excavation of the Iliad
by Elizabeth Minchin

A ‘Homeric' hymn to Stalin: performing safe criticism in ancient Greek?
by Han Baltussen

‘Ancient Greek Culture and Myth in the Terra Mítica Theme Park'
by Filippo Carlà and Florian Freitag

A pioneer of classical studies in Japan, Shigeichi Kure: a focus on his translations
by Ichiro Taida

Antigone in Juárez: tragedy, politics, and public women on Mexico's northern border
by Jesse Weiner

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Source : Classical Receptions Journal


T. M. Thibodeau, William Durand, Rationale V. Commentary on the Divine Office

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Timothy M. Thibodeau (éd.), William Durand, Rationale V. Commentary on the Divine Office, , 2015.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Corpus Christianorum in Translation
228 p. pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-55550-8
50 € HT

William Durand (c. 1230-Nov. 1, 1296), Bishop of Mende, France, was unquestionably the most renowned liturgical scholar of the later Middle Ages. His encyclopedic allegorical exposition of the rites and worship services of the Latin Church, the Rationale divinorum officiorum, or "Rationale for the divine offices," is the best known medieval work in its genre. Divided into eight books of varying length, the Rationale is exhaustive in its treatment of a wide variety of subjects: the church building and liturgical art; the ministers of the church and their functions; liturgical vestments; the Mass and the Divine Office; the Church's calendar and its feast days. Modern scholarship has clearly shown that Durand's Rationale superseded all previous liturgical commentaries within only a few years of its publication (c. 1292-1296). By the end of the fifteenth century, it had become one of the most widely disseminated treatises of its kind in western Europe.

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James L. Papandrea, Novatian, On the Trinity, Letters to Cyprian of Carthage, Ethical Treatises

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James L. Papandrea (éd.), Novatian, On the Trinity, Letters to Cyprian of Carthage, Ethical Treatises, Turnhout, 2015.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Corpus Christianorum in Translation
216 p. pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-54491-5
50 € HT

Novatian was a priest of Rome in the third century who wrote a commentary on the Rule of Faith, commonly titled, On the Trinity. Although the document is not well known outside of the field of early Christian studies, it made an important contribution to the doctrine of the Trinity in the early Church, and as several scholars have maintained, it helped set the stage for the definition of the faith known as the Nicene Creed. Novatian would eventually find himself at the center of a controversy which led to a schism of the Church, and so his works were relegated to obscurity for centuries. However, in its time, Novatian's On the Trinity was the epitome of Roman theology, and as some have argued, it was even ahead of its time.

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K. Berthelot, R. Naiweld, D. Stökl ben Ezra, L'identité à travers l'éthique

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Katell Berthelot, Ron Naiweld, Daniel Stökl ben Ezra (éd.), L'identité à travers l'éthique, Turnhout, 2015.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Bibliothèque de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes-Sciences religieuses
207 p. pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-55042-8
55 € HT

L'identité à travers l'éthique. Nouvelles perspectives sur la formation des identités collectives dans le monde gréco-romain

Le rôle joué par les discours, les valeurs et les catégories éthiques dans la formation des identités collectives, dans le monde gréco-romain, et au-delà de ses frontières, notamment dans le monde sassanide.

Ce livre est le fruit d'un colloque international qui s'est tenu à la Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l'homme (MMSH) à Aix-en-Provence en juin 2011, où plusieurs chercheurs, spécialistes des religions et des écoles philosophiques de l'Antiquité, se sont réunis afin de réfléchir ensemble sur la question du rôle joué par les discours, les valeurs et les catégories éthiques dans la formation des identités collectives, dans le monde gréco-romain, et même au-delà de ses frontières, notamment dans le monde sassanide.
Ron Naiweld est chargé de recherche au CNRS. Ses recherches portent sur la rabbinisation du monde juif de la fin de l'antiquité jusqu'au début du moyen âge; Katell Berthelot est une historienne des religions, spécialisée dans le judaïsme ancien et l'approche comparatiste des trois monothéismes. Chercheuse au C.N.R.S. au sein de l'Institut des sciences humaines et sociales (INSHS), elle travaille au Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem (CRFJ). Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra est Directeur d'Études à l'EPHE. Il codirige au CPAF le programme de recherche sur le judaïsme ancien, avec Katell Berthelot

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M.-H. Jullien, Clavis des auteurs latins du Moyen Âge. Territoire français 735-987. Tomus IV.1

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Marie-Hélène Jullien (éd.), Clavis des auteurs latins du Moyen Âge. Territoire français 735-987. Tomus IV.1, Turnhout, 2015.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Clavis Scriptorum Latinorum Medii Aevi
xiii + 129 pages pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-55599-7
90 € HT

La Clavis Scriptorum Latinorum Medii Aevi. Auctores Galliae, 735-987, consacrée à l'étude des auteurs de la Gaule carolingienne, accorde une attention particulière à l'identification des textes qui leur ont été imputés, à leur tradition manuscrite et à la critique d'attribution, tout en livrant les résultats de plusieurs recherches originales, fondées sur les sources. Dans ce nouveau tome, deux grands noms ‒ Hincmar de Laon et Hucbald de Saint-Amand ‒ côtoient trois écrivains presque inconnus.

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