Uwe Walter (Hg.), Gesetzgebung und politische Kultur in der römischen Republik


Uwe Walter (Hg.) (éd.), Gesetzgebung und politische Kultur in der römischen Republik, Heidelberg, 2014.

Éditeur : Verlag Antike
Collection : Studien zur Alten Geschichte, Bd. 20
295 pages
ISBN : 978-3-938032-74-9
€ 59,90 [D]

In den produktiven althistorischen Forschungen zur politischen Kultur der römischen Republik wurde lange Zeit ein wichtiges Feld von Diskursen, Handlungen und Institutionen ein wenig vernachlässigt: die Rechtssetzung.

Die Beiträge des hier vorgelegten Bandes erörtern gleichsam vom Rande her einige Aspekte, bei denen sich neue Perspektiven abzeichnen. Dazu gehören die Rolle der Juristen, das Verhältnis des Volksgesetzes (lex publica) zu anderen Regeln und Normen, die Gesetzgebung als Ausdrucksseite der politischen Kommunikation, die Frage nach dem Stellenwert von Gesetzen, wenn versucht wurde, Übelstände zu bekämpfen oder gar eine konsistente Politik zu implementieren, und nicht zuletzt die Erosion der politischen Ordnung im Verhältnis zur Gesetzgebung.


Source : www.verlag-antike.de


J. Alison, Change Me. Stories of Sexual Transformation from Ovid


Jane Alison, Change Me. Stories of Sexual Transformation from Ovid. Foreword by Elaine Fantham, and Introduction by Alison Keith, Oxford, 2014.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
208 pages
ISBN : 978-0-19-994165-0
£ 12.99


Ovid's stories melt moral conventions, explore ambiguities, and dissolve boundaries between men, women, animals, gods, plants, and the mineral world; in doing so they contrive to seduce readers. Ovid's dark pleasure in telling such stories with a full register of tones is palpable. But the stories of sexual encounter in the Metamorphoses are also infused with deep questions. What does it mean to have thoughts and passions trapped inside a changeable body? What is a self, and where are its edges? If someone can pierce you in sex and in love, how do you survive? And if your outer form changes, what lasts?
In Change Me, Jane Alison, critically acclaimed author of The Love-Artist, renders substantial portions of Ovid's great epic into elegant and remarkably faithful English. Her focus is on episodes that involve desire, sexuality, and the transformations brought about by powerful emotion; because these themes are so central to the Metamorphoses, Alison introduces them with a selection of elegies from Ovid's Amores, the collection with which the poet launched his career. When these selections are taken together, Alison's Ovid comes alive; the Roman poet's great ability to perform contemporary themes through mythical subject matter, and vice versa, is Alison's guiding principle and Muse. Change Me will transform forever readers' experience of this most ingenious of poets.

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W. Allan, Classical Literature: A Very Short Introduction


William Allan, Classical Literature: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford, 2014.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
Collection : Very Short Introductions
160 pages
ISBN : 978-0-19-966545-7
£ 7.99

From popular histories through to reworkings of classical subject matter by contemporary poets, dramatists, and novelists, the classical world and the masterpieces of its literature continue to fascinate readers and audiences in a huge variety of media. In this Very Short Introduction, William Allan explores what the 'classics' are and why they continue to shape our Western concepts of literature. Presenting a range of material from both Greek and Latin literature, he illustrates the variety and sophistication of these works, and considers examples from all the major genres.
Ideal for the general reader interested in works of classic literature, as well as students at A-Level and University, this is a lively and lucid guide to the major authors and literary forms of the ancient period.

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