C. Scheidegger Lämmle, Werkpolitik in der Antike: Studien zu Cicero, Vergil, Horaz und Ovid

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Cédric Scheidegger Lämmle, Werkpolitik in der Antike: Studien zu Cicero, Vergil, Horaz und Ovid, Munich, 2016.

Éditeur : Beck
Collection : Zetemata
312 pages
ISBN : 978-3-406-69935-1
88 €

Unter den verschiedenen Formen, literarische Texte zu sammeln und zu erschließen, zählt deren Gruppierung zu einem Œuvre mit Sicherheit zu den gängigsten: Das Œuvre als Summe aller Werke eines bestimmten Autors wird dabei oft an scheinbar objektivierbaren Kriterien wie Werkbestand (Gesamtwerk) oder Autorbiographie (Spätwerk, Lebenswerk) gemessen und gleichsam als selbstverständlich betrachtet. Werkpolitik in der Antike fragt demgegenüber nach den Voraussetzungen (und ebenso nach den Auswirkungen) der Orientierung am Œuvre. Die lateinische Literatur der späten Republik und des augusteischen Prinzipats erweist sich für die Genese eines emphatischen Begriffes des auktorialen Corpus als formativ: Die Umwälzungen im literarischen Betrieb dieser Epoche, nicht zuletzt die Gründung öffentlicher Bibliotheken, bedingten bei Autoren, Kritikern und Lesern eine erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit für die Begründung von Werkzusammenhängen, welche die Idee des Œuvres nachhaltig prägte. In vier Studien zu Cicero, Vergil, Horaz und Ovid wird nachgezeichnet, wie sowohl innerhalb der literarischen Werke selbst wie in deren Rezeption bestimmte Vorstellungen von Lebens- und Gesamtwerk Gestalt annehmen konnten.

Source : Beck


Sacris Erudiri 55 (2016)

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Sacris Erudiri 55 (2016).

Éditeur : Brepols
ISBN : 978-2-503-56599-6
418 pages
93 €

Table of Contents
András Handl, Viktor I. (189?-199?) von Rom und die Entstehung des „monarchischen" Episkopats in Rom
Alessandro Capone, L'interpretazione di Luc. 15, 11-32 nell'ep. 21 di Gerolamo
Jesse Keskiaho, A Widespread Set of Late-Antique Annotations to Augustine's De Genesi ad litteram
Sever J. Voicu, Il florilegio De communi essentia (CPG 2240), Severiano di Gabala e altri Padri
M. J. J. Hoskin, The Vulgate Contamination of Leo the Great's Scriptural Quotations
Jérémy Delmulle – Warren Pezé, Un manuscrit de travail d'Eugippe : le ms. Città del Vaticano, BAV, Pal. lat. 210

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K. Dominas, E. Wesołowska et B. Troch (éd.), Antiquity in Popular Literature and Culture

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Konrad Dominas, Elżbieta Wesołowska et Bogdan Trocha (éd.), Antiquity in Popular Literature and Culture, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2016.

Éditeur : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
340 pages
ISBN : 978-1-4438-9024-3
57.99 £

Spiritus flat ubi vult academicus. It seems evident that the study of antiquity and the study of antiquity's persistence will continue to be distributed ubique terrarum. This pleasing circumstance was exemplified in January 2014, at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, an institution named after Poland's influential nineteenth-century epic and lyric poet. As part of an ongoing series of such academic meetings, the university hosted the Seventh International Conference on Fantasy and Wonder. Its topic was Antiquity in Popular Literature and Culture. Several of the papers given in Poznań appear in this volume in revised form. They demonstrate the continuing presence of the past, or, to put it slightly differently, the importance of the past in the present and, by extension, for the future.

Source : Cambridge Scholars Publishing


G. Guldentops, C. Laes et G. Partoens (éd.), Felici curiositate. In Honour of Rita Beyers

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Guy Guldentops, Christian Laes et Gert Partoens (dir.), Felici curiositate. Studies in Latin Literature and Textual Criticism from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century. In Honour of Rita Beyers, Turnhout, 2017.

Éditeur : Brepols
Collection : Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia (IPM 72)
XXII+910 pages
ISBN : 978-2-503-57013-6
140 €

The volume highlights important aspects of ancient (especially Christian) Latin literature and its influence in the Middle Ages and beyond.
The papers collected in this Festschrift in honour of Rita Beyers, Professor Emerita of Latin at the University of Antwerp and Director of the Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina and Continuatio Mediaevalis, focus on ancient (especially Christian) Latin literature and its influence in the Middle Ages and beyond.
In the first section, new light is shed on some important apocryphal texts from the second to the tenth century. The second part is devoted to literary and doctrinal aspects of works produced in the patristic era. The third part brings together a number of micro-historical studies on medieval (Latin, Byzantine, and vernacular) literature. The papers of the fourth section present some little-known Neo-Latin texts and offer a fresh analysis of the reception of ancient Christian texts in modern French and English literature. The volume, which contains several critical editions of previously unedited texts, concludes with two essays musing on the art of textual editing and the quintessence of philology.

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M. T. Dinter, Ch. Guérin et M. Martinho (éd.), Reading Roman declamation

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Martin T. Dinter, Charles Guérin et Marcos Martinho (éd.), Reading Roman declamation: the declamations ascribed to Quintilian, Berlin-Boston, 2016.

Éditeur : De Gruyter
Collection : Beiträge zur Altertumskunde
viii-312 pages
ISBN : 9783110352405
154 $

As a genre situated at the crossroad of rhetoric and fiction, declamatio offers the freedom to experiment with new forms of discourse. Placing the literariness of declamatio into the spotlight, this volumeshowcases declamation as a realm of genuine literary creation with its own theoretical underpinning, literary technique and generic conventions. Focusing on the oeuvre of (Ps)Quintilian, this volumedemonstrates that these texts constitute a genre on their own, the rhetorical and literary framework of which remains not yet fully mapped.It is of interest to students and scholars of Rhetoric and Roman Literature.


Source : De Gruyter


N. DesRosiers et L. C. Vuong (éd.), Religious competition in the Greco-Roman world

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Nathaniel DesRosiers et Lily C. Vuong (éd.), Religious competition in the Greco-Roman world, Atlanta, 2016.

Éditeur : Society of Biblical Literature
Collection : Writings from the Greco-Roman world Supplement series
xviii-326 pages
ISBN : 9780884141587
59,95 $

Scholars in the fields of late antique Christianity, neoplatonism, New Testament, art history, and rabbinics examine issues related to authority, identity, and change in religious and philosophical traditions of late antiquity. The specific focus of the volume is the examination of cultural producers and their particular viewpoints and agendas in an attempt to shed new light on the religious thinkers, texts, and material remains of late antiquity. The essays explore the major creative movements of the era, examining the strategies used to develop and designate orthodoxies and orthopraxies. This collection of essays reinterprets dialogues between individuals and groups, illuminating the mutual competition and influence among these ancient thinkers and communities.


Source : Society of Biblical Literature


N. Thomson de Grummond et L. C. Pieraccini (éd.), Caere

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Nancy Thomson de Grummond et Lisa C. Pieraccini (éd.), Caere, Austin, 2016.

Éditeur : University of Texas Press
Collection : Cities of the Etruscans
xxxi, 294 pages
ISBN : 978-1-4773-0843-1
55 $


The Etruscan city of Caere and eleven other Etruscan city-states were among the first urban centers in ancient Italy. Roman descriptions of Etruscan cities highlight their wealth, beauty, and formidable defenses. Although Caere left little written historical record outside of funerary inscriptions, its complex story can be deciphered by analyzing surviving material culture, including architecture, tomb paintings, temples, sanctuaries, and materials such as terracotta, bronze, gold, and amber found in Etruscan crafts. Studying Caere provides valuable insight not only into Etruscan history and culture but more broadly into urbanism and the development of urban centers across ancient Italy.
Comprehensive in scope, Caere is the first English-language book dedicated to the study of its eponymous city. Collecting the work of an international team of scholars, it features chapters on a wide range of topics, such as Caere's formation and history, economy, foreign relations, trade networks, art, funerary traditions, built environment, religion, daily life, and rediscovery. Extensively illustrated throughout, Caere presents new perspectives on and analysis of not just Etruscan civilization but also the city's role in the wider pan-Mediterranean basin.

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