K. Sandberg et C. Smith (éd.), Omnium Annalium Monumenta

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Kaj Sandberg et Christopher Smith (éd.), Omnium Annalium Monumenta: Historical Writing and Historical Evidence in Republican Rome, Leyde, 2018.

Éditeur : Brill
Collection : Historiography of Rome and Its Empire, 2
ISBN : 9789004355446
160 €

This edited volume brings a variety of approaches to the problem of how the Romans conceived of their history, what were the mechanisms for their preservation of the past, and how did the Romans come to write about their past.
Building on important recent work in historiography, and the recent memory turn, the authors consider the practicalities of transmission, literary and generic influences, and the role of the city of Rome in preserving and transmitting memories of the past.
The result is a major contribution to our understanding of the role history played in Roman life, and the kinds of evidence which could be deployed in constructing Roman history.

Table of contents

List of Figures
Notes on Contributors
Christopher Smith

The Origins of the Annalistic Tradition

1 Fabius Pictor, Ennius and the Origins of Roman Annalistic Historiography
John Rich

2 L'“archéologie” de Rome dans les annales d'Ennius: Poetica fabula ou annalium monumentum?
Martine Chassignet

3 The Discovery of Numa's Writings: Roman Sacral Law and the Early Historians
Hans Beck

Antiquarians and Historians

4 On the Edges of History
Christopher Smith

5 Diligentissumus investigator antiquitatis? ‘Antiquarianism' and Historical Evidence between Republican Rome and the Early Modern Republic of Letters
Duncan MacRae

6 Inspired Leaders versus Emerging Nations: Varro's and Cicero's Views on Early Rome
Vera Binder

7 Which One is the Historian? A Neglected Problem in the Study of Roman Historiography
Tim Cornell

History and Oratory

8 How Much History did the Romans Know? Historical References in Cicero's Speeches to the People
Francisco Pina Polo

9 Ciceronian Constructions of the Oratorical Past
Henriette van der Blom

10 Cicero, Documents and the Implications for History
Andrew Riggsby

The Literary Construction of History

11 Livy's Battle in the Forum between Roman Monuments and Greek Literature
Dennis Pausch

12 Echi dalle tragedie tebane nelle storie di Roma arcaica
Marianna Scapini

13 Figures of Memory. Aulus Vibenna, Valerius Publicola and Mezentius between History and Legend
Massimiliano Di Fazio

History and Monuments

14 Monumenta, Documenta, Memoria: Remembering and Imagining the Past in Late Republican Rome
Kaj Sandberg

16 Visibility Matters. Notes on Archaic Monuments and Collective Memory in Mid-Republican Rome
Gabriele Cifani

16 Aedificare, res damnosissima. Building and Historiography in Livy, Books 5–6
Seth G. Bernard

17 Memoria by Multiplication: The Cornelii Scipiones in Monumental Memory
Karl-J. Hölkeskamp

18 Constructing, Deconstructing and Reconstructing Civic Memory in Late Republican Rome
Penelope J. E. Davies



Source : Brill