W. Fitzgerald et E. Spentzou, The Production of Space in Latin Literature

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William Fitzgerald et Efrossini Spentzou (éd.), The Production of Space in Latin Literature, Oxford, 2018.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
320 pages
ISBN : 9780198768098
65 £


Recent decades have seen a marked shift in approaches to cultural analysis, with the critical role of location and spatial experience in the formation of the human subject gaining increasing prominence. This volume applies the insights and concerns of the 'spatial turn' to this specifically Roman engagement with space, and explores its representation and manipulation in Latin literature. The terrain covered by the contributions is broad, both temporally (from Catullus to St Augustine) and in terms of genre, with lyric, epic, elegy, satire, epistolography, and historiography all finding their place in discussions that focus mainly on movement and the mobile subject in the experience and making of space. Offering a detailed exploration of Roman engagement with space, the ideological stakes of this engagement, and its intersections with empire, urbanism, identity, ethics, exile, and history, the volume contains a wealth of insights for readers across and beyond the discipline of classical studies: those looking equally for new approaches to ancient texts and authors or to explore the relationship between the materiality of antiquity and its literary aspects will find these discussions illuminating.


List of Contributors

0: Introduction, William Fitzgerald and Efrossini Spentzou
1: Propertius' Aberrant Itineraries: Fleeting Moments in the Eternal City, Efrossini Spentzou
2: Varro's Roman Ways: Metastasis and Etymology, Diana Spencer
3: Obviam: The Space of Vehiculation in Latin Literature, Jared Hudson
4: Juvenal in the Specular City, David H. J. Larmour
5: Gender, Geography, and Genre: Catullus' Constructions of Lesbia in Space and Time, Maxine Lewis
6: The Space of the Poem: Imperial Trajectories in Catullus and Horace, William Fitzgerald
7: On Not Being in Rome: Exile and Displacement in Seneca's Prose, Catharine Edwards
8: Carthage Rome Milan: 'Lieux de passage' in Augustine's Confessions, Therese Fuhrer
9: Exiled in Rome: The Writing of Other Spaces in Tacitus' Annales, Shreyaa Bhatt
10: The Utopian City in Tacitus' Agricola, Richard Alston
11: Rome's Dire Straits: Claustrophobic Seas and imperium sine fundo, Victoria Rimell



Source : Oxford University Press


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