L. Kinnee, The Greek and Roman Trophy From Battlefield Marker to Icon of Power

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Lauren Kinnee, The Greek and Roman Trophy From Battlefield Marker to Icon of Power, Londres-New York, 2018.

Éditeur : Routledge
162 pages
ISBN : 9780415788380
115 £


In The Greek and Roman Trophy: From Battlefield Marker to Icon of Power, Kinnee presents the first monographic treatment of ancient trophies in sixty years. The study spans Archaic Greece through the Augustan Principate. Kinnee aims to create a holistic view of this complex monument-type by breaking down boundaries between the study of art history, philology, the history of warfare, and the anthropology of religion and magic. Ultimately, the kaleidoscopic picture that emerges is of an ad hoc anthropomorphic Greek talisman that gradually developed into a sophisticated, Augustan sculptural or architectural statement of power. The former, a product of the hoplite phalanx, disappeared from battlefields as the Macedonian cavalry grew in importance, shifting instead onto coins and into rhetoric, where it became a statement of military might. For their part, the Romans seem to have encountered the trophy as an icon on Syracusan coinage. Recognizing its value as a statement of territorial ownership, the Romans spent two centuries honing the trophy-concept into an empire-building tool, planted at key locations around the Mediterranean to assert Roman presence and dominance.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Grappling with Definitions

Chapter 3: Repairing Fractured Perspectives

Chapter 4: The Greek Trophy: Written Sources

Chapter 5: Visual Evidence and the History of the Greek Trophy

Chapter 6: The Roman Adoption and Adaptation of the Greek Trophy

Chapter 7: Development and Dissemination of the Trophy Tableau

Chapter 8: The Landscape Trophy

Chapter 9: Conclusion





Source : Routledge


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