A. Augoustakis, E. Buckley et Cl. Stocks (éd.), Fides in Flavian Literature

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Antony Augoustakis, Emma Buckley et Claire Stocks (dir.), Fides in Flavian Literature, Toronto, 2019.

Éditeur : University of Toronto Press
Collection : Phoenix
304 pages
ISBN : 9781487505530
56,25 $


Fides in Flavian literature explores the ideology of "good faith" (fides) during the time of the emperors Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian (69–96 CE), the new imperial dynasty that gained power in the wake of the civil wars of the period. The contributors to this volume consider the significance and semantic range of this Roman value in works that deal in myth, history in prose and verse, and the poetry of contemporary society. Though it does not claim to offer the comprehensive "last word" on fides in Flavian Rome, it aims to show that fides in this period was subjected to a particularly striking and special brand of contestation and re-conceptualization, used to interrogate the broad cultural changes and anxieties of the Flavian period, as well as connect to a republican and imperial past. The editors argue that fides was both a vehicle for reconciliation and a means to test the nature of "good faith" in the wake of a devastating and divisive period of Roman history.

1. Introduction (Antony Augoustakis, Emma Buckley and Claire Stocks)

Fides: Flavian Politics

2. Broken Bonds: Perfidy and the Discourse of Civil War (Claire Stocks)
3. The Fides of Flavius Josephus (Steve Mason)
4. “A Greater Love”: Fides in Statius' Silvae (Neil W. Bernstein)

Fides: Flavian Myth

5. Faith in Fate: Plot, Gods, and Metapoetic Morality in Valerius Flaccus (Helen Lovatt)
6. Women's Fides in Statius' Thebaid (Alison Keith)
7. haec pietas, haec fides: Permutations of Trust in Statius' Thebaid (Antony Augoustakis)
8. Trust and Mistrust in the Achilleid (Dániel Kozák)

Fides: Flavian History

9. Fides, Pietas, and the Outbreak of Hostilities in Punica (Ray Marks)
10. Hannibal as (Anti-)Hero of Fides in Silius' Punica (Marco Fucecchi)
11. The Failure of Female Fides in the Octavia (Lauren Donovan Ginsberg)
12. Fides under Fire: Virtue and Vice in the Octavia (Emma Buckley)

Revisiting Flavian Fides

13. Flavian Fides in Tacitus' Histories (Salvador Bartera)

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Source : University of Toronto Press


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