Cicéron, Academica

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Cicéron, Academica (Academicus Primus, Fragmenta et Testimonia Academicorum Librorum, Lucullus). Edited by Tobias Reinhard, Oxford, 2023.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
Collection : Oxford Classical Texts
304 pages
ISBN : 9780199249572
£ 40.00

This is the first new critical edition of this text since 1908, and the first to appear in the Oxford Classical Texts series. The edition is informed by a comprehensive analysis of the entire tradition of Lucullus and Academicus Primus, and by a thorough rethinking of the text documented in the accompanying commentary volume.
Lucullus and Academicus Primus are a key body of evidence for the development of Academic scepticism, one of the two varieties of scepticism in antiquity. The texts also shed light on the re-emergence of dogmatic Platonic philosophy in the first century BC.


Source : Oxford University Press