J. N. Adams, A. Chahoud et G. Pezzini (éd.), Early Latin. Constructs, Diversity, Reception

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J. N. Adams, Anna Chahoud et Giuseppe Pezzini (éd.), Early Latin. Constructs, Diversity, Reception, Cambridge, 2023.

Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
xxii-656 pages
ISBN : 9781108476584
£ 130.00

This is the most detailed and comprehensive study to date of early Latin language, literary and non-literary, featuring twenty-nine chapters by an international team of scholars. 'Early Latin' is interpreted liberally as extending from the period of early inscriptions through to the first quarter of the first century BC. Classical Latin features significantly in the volume, although in a restricted sense. In the classical period there were writers who imitated the Latin of an earlier age, and there were also interpreters of early Latin. Later authors and views on early Latin language are also examined as some of these are relevant to the establishment of the text of earlier writers. A major aim of the book is to define linguistic features of different literary genres, and to address problems such as the limits of periodisation and the definition of the very concept of 'early Latin'.


Source : Cambridge University Press