Charles H. Lohr, The Aristotelian Tradition (1200-1650)

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Charles H. Lohr, The Aristotelian Tradition (1200-1650). Translation, Themes and Editions edited by Christoph Lüthy and Andrea Aldo Robiglio. I. From Aristotle via Llull to the Renaissance. Selected Essays, edited by Andrea Aldo Robiglio. II. Latin Aristotle Editions (1450-1650), edited by Christoph Lüthy and Davide Cellamare, Florence, 2023.

Éditeur : Sismel - Edizioni del Galluzzo
Collection : Corpus Philosophorum Medii Aevi. Subsidia, 19
XIII-249; XXI-216 pages
ISBN : 978-88-9290-230-5
150 €

This twofold publication is a valuable contribution to the investigation of the history of philosophy and to the knowledge of Aristotle's legacy in western thought. The two indivisible volumes represent an homage to the late Charles H. Lohr, eminent scholar of medieval and Renaissance Aristotelianism, of Ramón Llull and of the evolution of metaphysics.

Vol. I. Preface, by A. A. Robiglio. CHARLES LOHR IN CONTEXT. P. R. Blum, Charles Lohr: The Smile of The Aristotelian – P. B. Rossi - L. Bianchi, The Aristoteles Latinus Project: Short History of the Realization of a Utopia – F. Domínguez Reboiras, Charles H. Lohr and Ramon Lull. CHARLES LOHR'S SELECTED WRITINGS. Aristotelianism – Introduction to Psellus – Metaphysics – Aristotelian Scientia and the Medieval Artes - The Arabic Background to Ramon Lull's Liber Chaos (ca. 1285). Index of names.

Vol. II. The volume publishes Lohr's vast Repertory of printed Latin Renaissance editions of Aristotelian works, published in the period from the invention of typography up to 1650. It is the up-to-date version of a database Charles Lohr worked on for more than two decades, ever since the death of Charles B. Schmitt, from whom he took the project over. Schmitt's ambition had been to draw up a complete list of all Latin Renaissance editions of Aristotle's works from the invention of printing up to 1650.

Source : SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo