K. Freudenburg, Virgil's Cinematic Art

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Kirk Freudenburg, Virgil's Cinematic Art. Vision as Narrative in the Aeneid, Oxford, 2023.

Éditeur : Oxford University Press
200 pages
ISBN : 9780197643242
$ 90.00

Virgil's Cinematic Art concerns the rhetoric of visual manipulation that provokes us to envision what is written on the page, treating visual details in ancient epic not as mere scene-setting information or enhancements to any given story, but as cues for performing specific imaginative processes. Through a series of close readings centered primarily on Virgil's Aeneid, Kirk Freudenburg shows that the experiential effects that Virgil puts into play do serious narrative work of their own by structuring lines of sight, both visual and emotive, and shifting them about in ways that move readers (interpellated as viewers) into and out of the visual and emotional worlds of the story's characters.

Studies of visualization in Latin poetry have tended to treat what is seen in epic as a matter of what is there to be seen, rather than an expression of how someone sees, treating images as mostly static. This study, by contrast, concerns the cinematics of ancient narrative: how words provoke an active, forward-moving process of experiential participation; poets not as verbal painters, but as projectors, purveyors of imagined happenings. Informed by cognitivist and constructivist studies of how audiences watch narrative films and make sense of what they are being given to see, Freudenburg locates new narrative content lurking in old places, brought to life within the imaginations of readers. The end result is a new approach to the question of how ancient epic tales convey narrative content through visual means.



Source : Oxford University Press