P. P. Iossif et E. Markou (dir.), Strapped for cash. Needy Soldiers, Reluctant Authorities

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Panagiotis P. Iossif et Evangeline Markou (dir.), Strapped for cash. Needy Soldiers, Reluctant Authorities. Studies on Military Payments in Greek and Roman Antiquity, Athens, 2024.

Éditeur : IHR - National Hellenic Research Foundation
Collection : Meletemata
288 pages
ISBN : 978-960-371-087-5

The volume Strapped for Cash: Needy Soldiers, Reluctant Authorities. Studies on Military Payments in Greek and Roman Antiquity includes eight (8) studies focusing on the question of the payment of soldiers and mercenaries by the issuing authorities in Greek and Roman antiquity.
The studies in the volume discuss the use of coinage in relation to the salaries of the troops, but also in relation to the daily needs of the soldiers, both in peacetime and during war operations. The scarcity of sources dealing with the payment of troops leads to interesting methodological approaches, the results of which illuminate aspects of the wider economic and military history. The volume examines the tripartite relationship of Money-Payment-Military activities, through a broad chronological and geographical spectrum covering the period from the Classical period to Roman Imperial times, starting from Gaul and the Iberian Peninsula and reaching to the East:


Table of Contents

Panagiotis P. Iossif, Evangeline Markou

Selene E. Psoma
War and Coinage during the Classical Period

Charlotte Van Regenmortel
Adam Smith at Taenarum? Wage Labour and Labour Markets in the Armies of the Successors

Christian Lauwers
The Pay of the Gallic Mercenaries

Stéphane Martin
Quantifying the Impact of Military Payments on Local Economies: the Case of Gaul in the 1st c. BC

Fleur Kemmers
Legionary Soldiers and State Payments in Rome's Expanding Empire: Some Considerations

Cruces Blázquez Cerrato, Marta Gómez Barreiro
Caesaraugusta and the Roman Army: Copies of Pre-Claudian and Claudian Coinage to Supply Troops?

Liesbeth Claes
Legitimacy and Loyalty between the Severan Emperors and their Soldiers in the Provinciae Germaniae (AD 193-235): an Epigraphic and Numismatic Case Study

Charikleia Papageorgiadou
Numismatic Issues of Patrai in the Light of Caracalla's Parthian Campaign

Peter van Alfen
Concluding Observations



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