R. Ash, Tacitus : Annals Book XV

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Rhiannon Ash (éd.), Tacitus : Annals Book XV, Cambridge, 2017.

Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
382 pages
ISBN : 9780521269391
£ 24.99

Tacitus' account of Nero's principate is an extraordinary piece of historical writing. His graphic narrative (including Annals XV) is one of the highlights of the greatest surviving historian of the Roman Empire. It describes how the imperial system survived Nero's flamboyant and hedonistic tenure as emperor, and includes many famous passages, from the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64 to the city-wide party organised by Nero's praetorian prefect, Tigellinus, in Rome. This edition unlocks the difficulties and complexities of this challenging yet popular text for students and instructors alike. It elucidates the historical context of the work and the literary artistry of the author, as well as explaining grammatical difficulties of the Latin for students. It also includes a comprehensive introduction discussing historical, literary and stylistic issues.

The commentary provides detailed linguistic support for students, making Tacitus' famously challenging Latin more accessible
A comprehensive introduction explores the historical and literary background to this central and popular text
Book XV includes several extraordinary episodes from Nero's notorious reign as emperor, including the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64.

Table of Contents :

List of maps
List of abbreviations
1. Tacitus
2. The sources, historiography, and Nero
3. Annals 15: structure and artistry
4. Parthia and Armenia
5. The perils of gloria: Corbulo and Seneca
6. The Pisonian conspiracy
7. Speeches, style, and language
8. Manuscripts
Corneli Taciti Ab Excessv Divi Augusti Liber Qvintvsdecimvs
Select bibliography
1. General index
2. Latin words.



Source : Cambridge University Press