L. Grillo et C. B. Krebs, The Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar

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Luca Grillo et Christopher B. Krebs, The Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar, Cambridge, 2017.

Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
418 pages
ISBN : 9781107670495
£ 24.99

Well-known as a brilliant general and politician, Julius Caesar also played a fundamental role in the formation of the Latin literary language and remains a central figure in the history of Latin literature. With twenty-three chapters written by renowned scholars, this Companion provides an accessible introduction to Caesar as an intellectual along with a scholarly assessment of his multiple literary accomplishments and new insights into their literary value. The Commentarii and Caesar's lost works are presented in their historical and literary context. The various chapters explore their main features, the connection between literature, state religion and politics, Caesar's debt to previous Greek and Latin authors, and his legacy within and outside of Latin literature. The innovative volume will be of great value to all students and scholars of Latin literature and to those seeking a more rounded portrait of the achievements of Julius Caesar.

Provides an up-to-date, scholarly and accessible assessment of Caesar as writer, linguist, and intellectual, demonstrating his key role in the history of Latin literature
Considers both his Commentarii and his fragmentary works and explores them in their historical and literary context
An international team of experts provide multiple views on Caesar's writings, alongside chapters on the contemporary and later reception of his work


Source : Cambridge University Press